The Chengdu Information and Documentation Centre of the Chinese Academy of Science, in collaboration with the GODAN Secretariat, organized a workshop on open data, big data and open science on June 2nd called "Knowledge Management and Open Data." More than 100 scientists from various institutions in Chengdu participated.

In an opening keynote speech, Johannes Keizer from the GODAN Secretariat gave a speech on the societal necessity of open data.  Prof. Zhiqiang Zhang, the Director of the Information Centre spoke about the history of data use in science and how data now have become a source for science, beside experiments or models.

Shuchun Pan and Xuefu Zhang from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science spoke about the Knowledge Management activities of the Agricultural Information Institute of the academy. Prof Engbo Zhang, from the Information Center in Chengdu, then gave an exciting talk about the Integration of data publishing and narrative publishing in science and also presented a semantic publishing model.

Associate Prof. Miaoling Chai spoke about a research project about author disambiguation in the AGRIS database.

At the end of the workshop the Chengdu Information and Documentation Center became an official GODAN partner.


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