Date: Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The VEST/AgroPortal online map of standards is a deliverable of the GODAN Action project. GODAN Action supports data users, producers and intermediaries to effectively engage with open data and maximise its potential for impact in the agriculture and nutrition sectors. In particular, we work to strengthen capacity, to promote common standards and best practice and to improve how we measure impact.

Specifically the map of standards supports the GODAN Action task of mapping relevant standards and identifying areas where the lack of standards is inhibiting. The objectives of this task are:

●      To map currently available open and proprietary standards in use for the exchange of key data on agriculture and nutrition;

●      To identify where a lack of standards is inhibiting the effective use of agricultural and nutritional data and the best methods for promoting open data standards.

The map of standards fulfils the first objective and is also designed to support the gap analysis exercise described in the second objective. The full report on the gap analysis is also available.

Useful for activity: Capacity development, Dissemination, Engagement, Working groups

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