Date: Tuesday, May 22, 2018

GODAN organised a successful  Think Tank on open geo data and open tools to achieve food security and sustainable agriculture for SDG 2030 at GEO Week 2017 on October 23rd 2017  at Washington . D.C, USA . This GODAN Think tank workshop brought  together stakeholders from public institutions, private sector, and NGO's to discuss ideas and develop partnerships for expanding capacity building to support global food security with open geospatial data and open tools. Open Earth observations and open geospatial information are key in supporting and achieving the 2030 agenda for Global Food Security. Andre Laperriere (GODAN), Eyal Ben Dor (Israel), Adriano Camps (Spain), Adenike Oluwajuyitan (Nigeria), Suchith Anand (GODAN) gave short presentations to set the scene for the Think Tank discussions.











Presentation by Andre Laperriere (GODAN)

The participants highlighted the importance of open data needs and more EO data and processing tools  are now available (e.g. datacube). They also highlighted that the need for  better use of tolos, tool sharing, e.g. remote sensing code library, software developed has to be open.











Presentation by Adenike Oluwajuyitan (Nigeria)











Presentation by Eyal Ben Dor (Israel)











Presentation of Adriano Camps (Spain)

Some of the key long term challenges identified included practical issues in developing world like Internet bandwidth issues, having tools available to farmers at the field scale and ideas on how can we reach subsistence farmers due to technological gaps . Possible solutions proposed to these challenges included Voice-based app solutions to reach technologically illiterate consumers and having many data portals to avoid monopolies. The key outputs from the Think Tank was the importance on expanding capacity development actions globally. These included providing free and open GIS tools and reusable training materials that be adapted especially for the needs of developing countries. We would like to thank all participants for their contributions and inputs for the success of this ThinkTank.

Based on the outputs from the GODAN Washington Think Tank as well as GODAN Think Tank in Nairobi (2016), GODAN is working to expand our capacity development activities globally. We are also making available links and resources for free and open tools for AgriGIS in our website . That will ensure that all participants getting open data has also the tools to work with and there is capacity development happening at the grassroots. Please join us here.


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