GODAN is focused on building high-level policy, and public and private institutional support for open data. It encourages collaboration and cooperation among existing agriculture and open data activities and brings together stakeholders to solve long-standing global problems like food and nutritional security.

As part of this work, the GODAN Secretariat is commissioning a series of short 'think piece' articles exploring key themes in open data, agriculture and nutrition.

Each article will:

  • introduce the background to a particular topic of relevance to GODAN partners;
  • outline the current state of open data in relation to this topic;
  • put forward the authors vision, or the vision of a group of GODAN partners, for change; and,
  • set out some potential actions to be taken to meet the challenges of creating change.

We hope that these articles will take a variety of different forms, and that there will be many opportunities for partners to input into each one - whether brainstorming topic ideas, discussing early drafts, or sharing case study contents to include in the articles.

We've started the process of our first think piece on "Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals with Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition". You can find the draft overview here.

However, we also want to hear from GODAN partners about other topics that should be addressed. You can share your suggestions through this form until the end of March 2015 or contact Ben Schaap

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