FOSS4G2019 Bucharest has in its foundation the belief that we live fortunate times having access to unprecedented technological and informational resources.

For more than 40 years, “Earth Observation” (EO) satellites developed or operated by space agencies, and by the European Union since the launch of the Copernicus programme, have provided a wealth of data. The availability of a growing volume of environmental data from space represents a unique opportunity for science and technology applications, but also poses a major challenge to achieve its full potential in terms of data exploitation. The availability of large volumes of EO data raises new issues in terms of discovery, access, exploitation, and visualization. Different communities, having different needs, methods, languages and protocols, need tools to facilitate access to the large volume and heterogeneity of environmental data, to cooperate to give the EO data and derived information the significance they need.

The FOSS4G EO Data Challenge challenges startups, developers, students and researchers to come up with useful, valuable or interesting open source applications using large volumes of EO data (and their evolution in time) and state-of-the art technologies (AI/ML, HMC, STAC, data cube, COG) to address these challenges.


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