Sustainable food systems are designed in such a way that they deliver food security and adequate nutrition for all while protecting the economic, social and environmental bases to generate food security and nutrition for future generations. The United Nations’ Sustainable...Read more
The Haller Farmers App has the power to transform landscapes, enrich ecosystems and build self-sustaining communities. It puts over 50 years of farming expertise directly into the hands of smallholder farmers across East Africa, sharing affordable, organic and environmentally friendly...Read more
A collaborative paper on Capacity Development and Collaboration for Sustainable African Agriculture: Amplification of Impact Through Hackathons ; exploring a new model for capacity building using virtual hackathons based on lessons learned from the Kampala INSPIRE Hackathon series, has just...Read more
According to the latest food insecurity data collected prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly one in eight people in the UK are food insecure, with some people disproportionately impacted; including BAME households, single parent households, and people on low incomes...Read more
While food insecurity is recognised as an issue in developing economies, it undeniably also exists in wealthy countries. In the UK, one in four adults experience some level of food insecurity at some point in their lives. According to Sheffield...Read more
GODAN Partners, the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, are looking for use cases for their multilingual controlled vocabulary AGROVOC. Originally created as a means of indexing publications (in English, Spanish and French) in agricultural science and technology, AGROVOC has evolved...Read more
Hidden hunger is a growing issue in developed economies. According to UK food policy charity Sustain, an estimated 8.4 million people in the UK struggle to get enough to eat, a situation that will likely worsen due to the effects...Read more
FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE GLASGOW FOOD AND CLIMATE DECLARATION HERE . In November 2021, just 6 months from now, Glasgow City will host nearly 200 governments for the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26). The climate...Read more
Social eating initiatives are an increasingly popular way of providing meals for the public in the UK. These organisations provide a limited menu of low-cost meals prepared using food surpluses and serve meals communally to improve social inclusion. The value...Read more
Sabina Lionelli and Hugh Williamson, who are currently responsible for the joint Exeter University/ Turing Institute research project From Field Data to Global Indicators will be coming to speak to us about their work. The Webinar, titled Making Crop Data...Read more