GODAN is pleased to announce that its valued Argentinian partner, Ministerio de Agroindustria, Presidencia de la Nación, has launched its new open data portal website. To use the website, visit the Agroindustria web page and search the portal under "Datos...Read more
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GODAN is proud to announce a new Hackathon event that will take place at GODAN Summit 2016, happening in New York City, NY September 15-16, 2016. Please visit the Hackathon page to learn more!Open


Guest written by Lindsay Ferris , The Engine Room Agricultural data, from soil and weather information to market prices and product yield, touches upon many actors throughout the processes of collection, storage, sharing, analysis and re-use. However, if this data...Read more
GODAN took part in the recent nutrition-focused International Summit hosted by Need for Nutrition Education/Innovation Programme ( NNEdPro ) at Wolfson College, Cambridge University in June. Attended by representatives of the academic community and supported by the private sector, GODAN...Read more
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ICT Update magazine is looking for articles for their forthcoming issue, which will deal with ICT entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector (or e-agriculture entrepreneurship ), especially by young entrepreneurs. Owing to the improved penetration of digital communication technologies, an increasing...Read more
GODAN is excited to announce the GODAN Open Data Challenge . The GODAN Open Data Challenge seeks individuals who can articulate and/or create practical solutions that will contribute to the open data infrastructure while solving specific challenges in agriculture and...Read more
GODAN was recently acknowledged as an important initiative by the leaders of the G7, after a recent meeting in Japan on May 26-27. Leaders of the G7, including the President of the United States, met in Ise-Shima to "advance major...Read more
GODAN is very pleased to announce GODAN Summit 2016 . This exciting, high-level public event will take place in New York City, New York, USA on September 15-16, 2016 to advance the agenda for open data in agriculture and nutrition...Read more
Contributed by The AIMS Team , from the FAO of the United Nations in Italy Open access has been a positive force in scientific publishing. But the removal of paywalls and restrictive licencing are not the only issues that need...Read more
Contributed by Sam Compton , Freelance Journalist Satellite data is being used to improve food security in Indonesia. The G4INDO IT Platform programme , which started in 2014, supports the Indonesian government’s plan to help farmers improve rice crop harvests...Read more