Call to action! Submit input for new GODAN Open Data Challenge

GODAN has launched a new Open Data Challenge ahead of its upcoming Summit in September 2016. The challenge will focus on problems related to agriculture and nutrition that are amenable to open data based solutions.

The challenge will follow two tracks:

1- Policy

Teams will be invited to produce a paper defining the most significant policy obstacles to generating, disseminating and using open data and any possible solutions, using real/actial examples. Winners in this category will receive a cash reward as well as guidance in finalizing their paper and possible support for publication.

2- App Development

Alternatively, teams may choose the app track, using existing open data, possibly along with other sources, in order to develop apps that respond to needs that to their opinion are very important, but still largely unmet.  Winners in this category would get support in finalizing their app, as well as marketing support.

Both category winners will be invited to present their achievement at the GODAN Summit this coming September.

GODAN is currently calling on its partners to help shape this challenge by answering:

What are the 3 to 5 most important issues to be addressed on either/both tracks defined above, phrased as questions to be responded to by the contestants?

To provide your ideas for this challenge, please submit answers by MAY 15, 2016.

Diana Szpotowicz

Strategic Communications Advisor

Twitter: @dianaszpotowicz