The Government of the Netherlands hosted the International Workshop on Creating Impact with Open Data in Agriculture from 19-20 January 2015. The workshop was held at Wageningen, the Netherlands and organised by the Open Data Institute and Alterra. It brought together 75 people from 14 countries to discuss open data innovation, challenges and future directions for fields of agriculture and nutrition.

The Workshop was followed by the first formal meeting of GODAN partners from 20-21 January, see the minutes here. At this where plans for the consortium’s future agenda and secretariat were discussed. A summary of key points from the GODAN Workshop, Hackathon and Partner Meeting has been captured on Storify, see the full story below. We closed the events in Wageningen with a Donor Meeting. In the Donor Meeting we discussed the next steps for the Secretariat, Governance of GODAN and the contracting of the Secretariat, the minutes can be found here.

Jaime Adams, US Department of Agriculture, provides an insight into the partner meeting and the enthusiasm of GODAN partners at the meeting to continue to build support for open access data in agriculture and nutrition. See the USDA blog on the partner meeting.

The Future Food hackathon, was held parallel with the Workshop and Partner meeting, showed how open data access can help solve real world problems including fostering more sustainable farming (

If you are a GODAN partner and planning to participate in any events or conferences please get in touch with the Secretariat team on


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