The African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) began as a platform to advance policies and secure investment needed to ensure a better life for millions of Africa’s farmers and families, in line with the vision of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is now considered the world’s most important and impactful forum for African agriculture, pulling together stakeholders in the agricultural landscape to take practical action and share lessons that will move African agriculture forward. Their vision is to secure sustainable development in Africa through transforming agriculture on the Continent.

Following its inaguration in 2010, the AGRF has emerged as Africa’s leading agricultural development platform, bringing together a range of stakeholders to discuss and commit to programmes, investment, and policies that can counter the major challenges affecting the agriculture sector in the region.

The Forum brings together Heads of State, Ministers, business leaders, development partner leadership, researchers, thought leaders, farmer organization representatives, youth entrepreneurs, and other critical stakeholders to focus on the actions and policies needed to move the continental agenda forward.

Andre Laperriere, Executive Director of GODAN, will be taking part in a panel discussion on the second day of the Conference on Evidence-Based Leadership and Data Systems.


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