The Ministry of Economic Affairs, CABI, GODAN, CTA and Wageningen UR are partnering to organise the 3rd Workshop on Creating Impacts with Open Data in Agriculture and Nutrition. The workshop will be hosted at the Ministry of Economic Affairs in The Hague.

The objectives of this workshop are:

● To build action agendas to strengthen the role of open data in achieving sustainable production of food at lower environmental and social costs from both a public and private sector perspective;

● To identify and scope Big Wins of Open Data towards impact and build collaborative partnerships for implementation;

● To develop organizational and practical capacities for working with open data in a meaningful way.

The workshop will bring together a mix of key players from public as well as private sector organisations at national, international and global level: governments, businesses, consultants, universities, research
organisations and NGOs. The participants are invited to share their views, practices, success stories/failures and business cases in participatory workshops and interactions. All participants will be invited to commit to personal action plans and concrete steps to actively turn the power of open data into real impact.

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(Registration is free of charge and meals are included. Complete passport details during registration for allowing entrance at the Ministry)

Open data offers great opportunities for informed and transparent decision making and for developing a data driven economy:

● The 1st workshop concluded that additional action was needed to clearly outline the pathways to impact of these tools, data sets, networks and initiatives and to use these insights in developing
more general views on the role of open data in achieving impact.
● The 2nd workshop drafted an action agenda, which covered the following steps:
       i. Create a reference base for open data sets in agriculture and nutrition as a
signposting service,
       ii. Assess technology readiness for working with open data in agriculture and nutrition.
       iii. Develop an innovation matrix for scoping the impacts,
       iv. Produce a position paper on data ecosystem & v produce tangible media ready

The 3rd workshop will revisit the action agenda of the 2nd workshop and move the debate and collaborations one step forward: What are Big Wins for open data in agriculture and nutrition? How can
open data initiatives from the private and public sector be harnessed for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, while at the same time improving a business’s bottom line?


Monday February 13th:

Afternoon: General meeting
Opening by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and CTA chair of Committee of Ambassadors;
Key note speeches on the status of open data innovation to improve agricultural productivity and
nutritional security, private sector engagement and models for achieving impact at scale

Tuesday February 14th:

Morning: Big wins for open data
Introductions and video on “Big wins for open data” by CTA and Wageningen UR
Parallel work sessions on three big wins to explore the issues of ‘partnerships needed’, ‘validation of the
approach’ and ‘obstacles to create big wins’;

Afternoon: Leveraging open data for commercial product and service development
Introductions of examples and strategies on how to create added value and business opportunities from
open information/data systems, chaired by CABI. Break-out sessions exploring opportunities for
innovation and value creation in both the private and public sector;

Wednesday February 15th 

Morning: Open data and the sustainable development goals
Introductions on the role of open data in the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development; Parallel work
sessions for public stakeholders to explore the possibilities to increase the sources of open data as well
as for private stakeholders to explore the influences of the SDG’s on their business policies

Afternoon: Capacity building
Introductions on the needs for capacity building, on an organisational as well as an individual level and
strategies for closing the digital skills divide. Parallel workshops to draft long term programs for capacity

Closing session, express follow-up by participants
A general wrap up by the organisers. Throughout the workshop we will capture the issues that are
recognized as promising issues creating a rolling agenda for action.



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