GODAN's Andre Laperriere was in Brussels from 16-17 April 2019 attending a Think Tank meeting and workshop as part of the European Commission's (EC) FIT4FOOD 2030 programme.

The initiative supports the development and implementation of the European Commission’s FOOD 2030 policy framework – to find solutions to the challenges facing our food systems, such as obesity, malnutrition, hunger, climate change, scarce resources, and waste through research and innovation.

The FOOD 2030 Platform functions around three inter-linked structures: The EU Think Tank, on whose panel M. Laperriere sits, links the EC with the FOOD 2030 Platform, serves as a sounding board, and has a global outreach. Various Policy Labs align research and innovation policies and programs on Food and Nutrition Security. They build on and expand existing national and regional networks. City Labs develop and pilot action-oriented trainings for students, consumers, researchers and professionals; linking Science Centres/Shops to networks of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact cities.


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