The 12th Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) will be held from 16-18 January, 2020 in Berlin.

GFFA is an international conference on agri-food policy issues, providing a platform for world food affairs. Over 2,000 international visitors from politics, industry, science and civil society meet to discuss key topics related to agriculture, nutrition, and related issues.

The world’s largest informal Conference of Agriculture Ministers takes place each year as part of the conference. Approximately 70 ministers of agriculture and high-level representatives of international organisations from around the world adopt a joint political communiqué on the key conference topic. At the last GFFA ministerial, Ministers and representatives recognised in the communiqué the importance of digitalisation and data for improved efficiency and sustainability in the Agricultural sector - and the need to alleviate inequality to further progress this agenda.

This year, the GFFA will be held in parallel with Berlin International Green Week. It will cover the key topic: Food for all! Trade for Secure, Diverse and Sustainable Nutrition, and aims to address the following questions:

  • What role does trade play in respect of food security?
  • How can we create fair rules for agricultural trade?
  • How can we make global supply chains inclusive, sustainable and safe?
  • How can we design trade to promote agricultural development?

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