From arable lands to freshwater resources, agricultural production is witnessing the largest measurable decline in quality and quantity of natural resources in history. Climate change and salinization are imminent threats to food security and crop viability, impacting an ever increasing number of countries.

The Global Forum on Innovations for Marginal Environments will be hosted in Dubai this year. The Forum showcases the latest advances in agriculture and food production policy, innovation and research, accross the regions most vulnerable to climate change, water scarcity and salinity.

Given the enormous impact of soil and water salinization and climate change on ecosystems, agricultural productivity, livelihoods and food security worldwide, mapping areas affected by these risks and developing adaptation strategies is of crucial importance.

As part of the Forum, a high-level panel discussion will take place between ministers and industry innovators on the future of safeguarding food value chains and how smart agriculture strategies can help lessen climate risks, increase food production and ultimately help mitigate climate change.

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