We are inviting all our partners to take part in the GODAN - Road Ahead online event.

GODAN was designed as a 5 year initiative to promote the proactive sharing of open data to make information about agriculture and nutrition available, accessible and usable globally. The programme is now in its fourth year with over 750 partners. Our partners range from national government bodies and policy-makers, non-governmental organisations, academics, research organisations, as well as private sector organisations and corporations. All partners agree with the GODAN Statement of Purpose and take a proactive role in promoting open data in the agriculture and nutrition sector.

We are now in the process of assessing the needs of our partners beyond the first phase of GODAN’s operations, which have generated great interest globally for open data for agriculture and nutrition, and its benefits throughout the agriculture value chain. We are therefore actively looking at more ways we can facilitate partner interactions and initiatives that can contribute to making open data for agriculture and nutrition easily accessible (and used for impact) for everyone.

This online event has been created to give all GODAN Partners an opportunity to share their ideas, thoughts and stories of how GODAN has worked for them, and the direction of GODAN’s future work.

Partners can submit their ideas by completing this form

If you can, please share the link to this page on your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn page using the hashtag #GODANTheRoadAhead to help us reach more people.

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