The GEO Programme Board, of which GODAN is a participating organisation, was established as part of the development of the GEO Group on Earth Observations' Strategic Plan for the period 2016-2025, having been approved at the Mexico City Ministerial Summit in November, 2015. The Board oversees the establishment of the multi-year GEO Work Programmes and works to align proposed activities with GEO priorities and committed resources. It reports to the GEO Executive Committee and Plenary. GEO Members and Participating Organisations nominate representatives to the Programme Board.

The 15th Board meeting will be held on 4-5 September, 2019 in Ispra, Italy.

Members of the Board converse with contributors to the GEO Work Programmes, sharing ideas and contributing to GEO’s Strategic Objectives to advocate, engage and deliver Earth observation data and information, as well as to support the use of the newly established four Implementation Mechanisms for GEO activities:

Foundational tasks
Community activities
GEO Initiatives
GEO Flagships

It is also an opportunity for members of the wider GEO community and external stakeholders to get involved in the GEO Work Programme.

Find out more about the event, including how to get involved, here.


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