The INSPIRE Hackathon is a collaborative event for developers, researchers, designers and others interested in open data, volunteered geographic information and citizen observatories. The main driving force for the INSPIRE Hackathon is provided by experts from existing EU projects, and its primary objective is both to provide a platform for participants to share experiences, and to demonstrate to wider audiences the power of data and information supported by modern technologies and common standards, originating from INSPIRE, Copernicus, GEOSS and other initiatives. The INSPIRE Hackathon concept has been developed using the INSPIRE initiative as an umbrella or framework for the continuous inclusion of new contributions from European and international professional networks and projects such as the H2020.

In addition to the main INSPIRE Hackathon which forms part of the annual INSPIRE conference, several satellite INSPIRE hackathons are being organised at different venues (read more HERE).

In 2019, a successful Hackathon was organised in Nairobi, addressing 8 challenges and engaging more than 200 participants. Find out more about the Nairobi Hackathon HERE

A Hackathon, building on some of the ideas to come out of last year's Nairobi event (as well as new ones), is in the planning stages. Results will be shared from the remote part of the hackathon at IST-Africa 2020 in Kampala (6-8 May 2020). 


Example Challenges 

Agroclimatic map of selected region . Details HERE.

Desert Locust Challenge (contact Kiringai Kamau: )


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