GODAN was asked to present its work at the Third Oxford Meeting 2019 on Food System Impact Valuation, Sam Compton delivered the talk on our behalf, giving our perspective on the issues of harmonisation and standardisation of open data and the impact on global food systems.

The event provides a platform for academia, business and civil society to share learning and ideas around the measurement and valuation of the environmental, social and health externalities of global food actors. This year’s focus is on pre-competitive standardisation and its application in finance.

The Meeting, was held on 15-16 April in the Lady Margaret Hall, part of the University of Oxford, and was organised by the Food System Impact Valuation Initiative (FoodSIVI). FoodSIVI is an initiative between academia, industry and civil society to promote standardised and pre-competitive measurement and monetary valuation of environmental, social and health impacts of food systems. FoodSIVI’s overall purpose is to work with other impact valuation and true-cost accounting initiatives to improve valuation of environmental, social and health impacts of food systems, enabling them to become more sustainable, resilient and restorative, and deliver better health outcomes.


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