GODAN Champion and President of the Kenyan Asscociation of Freelance Journalists, Winnie Kamau, attended the World Food Convention in Berlin on 7 May, 2019. She joined more than 500 decision-makers from politics and diplomacy, industry and associations, NGOs and start-ups to debate the future of agriculture, human eating behaviour, food of the future and governmental interventions.

Winnie took part in a panel discussion examining whether data-driven farming is the answer to sustainable agriculture.

The World Food Convention provides a platform to explore some of the most pressing questions facing humanity in the 21st century: How can we preserve our planet and feed nine billion people by 2050? What is the future of our global food system and what role does the consumer play? What does the future of agriculture look like? How can technology help to fuel change in the food market? 

By 2050 nine billion people will need to be consistently, healthily and sustainably nourished. The only conceivable solution to the food paradox of the 21st century is a radical change to the way we eat, produce food and govern global food systems – the very issues the World Food Convention aims to tackle.


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