GODAN will be at the Wageningen University & Research BIG Data Company Day event taking place on 27th September. This will be a special day celebrating the 100th anniversary of Wageningen University & Research. Ben Schaap from GODAN will be there to speak about how open data and FAIR data can be of importance to innovation in the private sector. This will include data sharing, interoperability and linked open data. Graham Mullier from GODAN Partner organisation Syngenta is a keynote speaker, while Ben Schaap will be on the panel discussing the global perspective and initiatives from the GODAN network.

Big Data

Big data has a significant impact on many aspects of doing business, also in the food and agricultural domain. Big Data does not only concern the amount of data, but is also about the speed of data processing, the value of data analysis and governance of data sharing. Wageningen University & Research is exploring many different aspects of Big Data across its domains of food, agriculture, environment and marine, also linked to the newly established Wageningen Data Competence Centre (WDCC).

Introduction Big data

Across domains there are challenges in Big Data on respecting privacy and ensuring security, sharing data across players in the value chain and appealing business models, progress in analytics and machine learning.

Big data sessions

Each round, we set the scene with an overview of Big Data activities within WUR (Willem-Jan Knibbe, WDCC). Then a company presents its relation with Big Data and WUR, with special attention to the focus theme of that round. Subsequently a panel is introduced and an interactive discussion start between the panellist and the audience. A voting tool is used with which visitors can vote on propositions during the discussion and the chair enables the visitors to respond on the discussion.

Note: The three rounds each focus on a different aspect of this theme. Choose your round wisely or visit the programme of this theme more than once.

Round 1 11:00-12:15 Machine learning, modelling & analytics
Opening: Bertholt Leeftink (DG Business & Innovation, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate)

Panel: Lucas Noldus (CEO Noldus), Pierre Allexandre Billiet (CEO Gondola Group), Bram Visser (Hendrix Genetics), Claudia Kamphuis (WUR)

Round 2 13:45-15:00 Data Sharing, interoperability & linked open dataOpening: Graham Mullier (Syngenta UK) How can data help us to be more sustainable? Panel: Graham Mullier (Syngenta UK) Frido Hamoen (CRV/Breed4Food), Ben Schaap (GODAN), Lonneke van der Geest (WUR)

Round 3 15:30-16:45 Governance & business modelling Panel: Hans Huijbers (JoinData/LTO Nederland), Borg Exelmans (Monsanto), Charlotte Linnebank/Gustaf Haan (QuestionMark), Jos Verstegen (WUR)

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