Data Rights and Responsible Data Working Group

GODAN is pleased to announce that the Data Rights and Responsible Data Working Group is open for applications to collaborate.

GODAN is coordinating efforts to explore issues of open data, data ownership and data governance in the context of agriculture and nutrition. Two significant papers, addressing the issues involved, have already come out of the work: Responsible Data in Agriculture, and; Ownership of Open Data: Governance Options for Agriculture and Nutrition. Our next step is to convene a Working Group building on the outputs of these papers, and we intend to use the research as a catalyst to further debate and action.

We aim to identify gaps and develop solutions through policy and legal frameworks to help ensure fair distribution of the benefits of open data, increasing motivation among actors involved in agriculture and nutrition, to use open data and make it more readily available.

If you are interested in getting involved, or would simply like to find out more, visit the official Working Group page here.