IFPRI/ CABI Book Highlights Role of Agriculture in Improving Nutrition

A new book highlighting the valuable role of agricultural innovations in improving nutrition has been published by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and the Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI). Edited by Shenggen FanSivan Yosef, and Rajul Pandya-LorchAgriculture for Improved Nutrition: Seizing the Momentum reviews the latest findings, results, and recent policy experience in the field.

Chapter 14 Big Data in Agriculture and Nutrition, written by Ruthie Musker, Head of Partnerhips at GODAN, explores the issues and opportunities surrounding the use of big data in improving agricultural outcomes. The food system community sees a huge potential for big data in agriculture to lift farmers out of poverty, and ensure that parents can feed their children nutritious, diverse foods. In the USA, for example, venture capitalists spent 3 billion USD on ‘agtech’ (digital technology in agriculture) in 2016, with 46% of investors focusing on big data and analytics. Large data initiatives such as the CGIAR’s Big Data in Agriculture Platform have made thousands of datasets and publications available. In order to establish a global data ecosystem that yields powerful insights and recommendations on the ways in which agriculture can improve nutrition, the community must ensure that the benefits of big data are for the betterment of all and not only for the few.

Read the full Chapter here.

Or read Ruthie's five minute Blog post Big Data in Agriculture and Nutrition, which expands more on the subject.