3rd Webinar: The Agriculture Open Data Package (AgPack) - 16 May 2017

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CTA - Technical Center for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU

Useful for activity: Capacity development

The third GODAN Capacity Development Working Group webinar, supported by GODAN Action, focused on the Agriculture Open Data Package (AgPack).

In 2016 GODAN, ODI, the Open Data Charter and OD4D developed the Agricultural Open Data Package (AgPack) to help governments to realize impact with open data in the agriculture sector and food security. Details at http://www.agpack.info 

During the webinar the speakers outlined examples and use cases of governments using open data in support of their agricultural sector and food security. Also, the different roles a government can pick up to facilitate such a development, how open data can support government policy objectives on agriculture and food security. 

André Jellema (GODAN)
Suchith Anand (GODAN)

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Keywords: Government data

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