An update from the Global Forum on Agricultural ResearchOpen
There’s a data revolution underway in Africa. It’s being driven by major international research collaborations like the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project. This and similar initiatives are producing volumes of data the continent has never witnessed before.Open
Rights to data
The eROSA project has released a new vision paper entitled "Towards an e-Infrastructure for Open Science in AgriFood."Read more
GODAN is searching for 10 Champions to join a brand new advocacy programme for 2018. Apply Now!Read more
The rise of a bitcoin market over recent years has introduced the general public to blockchain technology, which is believed by some to have a much wider application, including in agriculture and food.Open
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Value chain improvement
Introducing the DFID/Gates/USAID donor open data policy and practice review and templates for further assessmentOpen
Written by: Johannes Keizer , GODAN Partnerships Lead It might sound difficult to get an audience when you have the first slot in the morning before an opening plenary, but the house was full on 29 August and chairs had...Read more
Linked data
GODAN recently took part in the NNedPro 3rd International Summit on Medical Nutrition Education and Research, in Cambridge on 1-2 August 2017.Read more
On November 14 and 15, the Agricultural Chief Scientists of the G20 countries met for their annual meeting in Potsdam under the German Presidency. Johannes Keizer from the GODAN...Read more
The African Open Data Leaders Network (AODLN) programme, held as part of this year’s African Open Data Conference (AODC), is calling for exceptional African leaders of open data initiatives to take part in a two day programme.Read more