Creating a map of a data ecosystem can help us to understand and explain where and how the use of data creates value. A data ecosystem map can help to identify the key data stewards and users, the relationships between...Read more
The annual flagship report State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World (SOFI) is due to be released and presented on July 15, 2019, at a special event in New York, USA. The report, jointly prepared by FAO, IFAD,...Read more
The Open Data Management in Agriculture and Nutrition online course, developed by GODAN Action as part of its capacity development remit, might be of some interest. The course is aimed at policy makers, researchers and communications specialists working in the...Read more
GeoForAll have done a substantial amount of work in the field of geodata visualisation research and education. One example is the FOSS4G GeoAcademy Curriculum lectures and labs, maintained and made available for download from the Spatial {Query} Lab on behalf...Read more
Dr Suchith Anand, Scientific Lead at GODAN, was invited to make a presentation on Accelerating Innovation in Agriculture Using Open Data as part of the NJF Conference on Horticulture in Tartu, Estonia on June 12. Unfortunately unable to be there...Read more
The full Webinar on Space for Agriculture in Developing Countries, recorded on June 6, 2019, is now available to view (see below). It is part of a series of Webinars produced by GODAN and the CTA, featuring innovative projects, informative...Read more
For more than 40 years, “Earth Observation” (EO) satellites developed or operated by space agencies, and by the European Union since the launch of the Copernicus programme, have provided a wealth of data. The availability of a growing volume of...Read more
In the wake of the 2019 Berlin Global Forum for Food and Agriculture, European countries signed a Declaration of cooperation on ‘A smart and sustainable digital future for European agriculture and rural areas’ . Twenty four EU member countries agreeing...Read more
The recent Webinar Reflecting on Developing Capacity for the Use of Open Data in Agriculture, part of the highly popular GODAN/CTA Webinar series, is now available to view. The Webinar brings together GODAN Action project partners who have been working...Read more
The African Open Science Platform School of Research Data Science, in collaboration with the CODATA-RDA Data Schools Initiative will take place on 17-28 June 2019 at Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. The deadline for applications is 10 May, 2019. The goal...Read more