GODAN’s Kiringai Kamau took part in a breakout session on agriculture, forming part of the 6th Annual Devolution Conference in Nairobi during the first week of March. Dr. Kamau has been representing GODAN on the Agricultural Data Sub-Committee, formed in...Read more
This Blog Post is a follow-up to the successful GODAN/CTA Webinar, held in January 2019 on Unlocking the Potential of Blockchain for Agriculture. Watch the full Webinar HERE . Six Ways Blockchain and Open Data Aid Agricultural Development Blockchain is an emerging digital technology with the potential to transform global...Open
Researchers in Kenya have formed a team to lead the creation of information services for smallholder farmers, based around agriculture and nutrition open data. The group, composed of ICT experts, agricultural researchers, meterologists and representatives of the Regional Centre for...Read more
We are delighted to make available the GODAN Action/CTA Webinar on Unlocking the Potential of Blockchain for Agriculture. You can find the Powerpoint slides for the presentation HERE . Blockchain has the potential to provide answers to a number of...Read more
GODAN Action partners Agroknow are pleased to announce the release of a geospatial service , which aims to facilitate data publishers and/or researchers in publishing data about locations using standard geospatial identifiers and formats. The service allows tabular data provided...Read more
On Monday, January 14, 2019, the U.S. President signed into law the “ Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018 ,” aiming to improve evidence-based policy through strengthening Federal agency evaluation capacity, furthering interagency data sharing and open data efforts,...Read more
GODAN's Kiringai Kamau has been requested to participate in an Agricultural Data Sub-Committee, which supports implementation of both the Big 4 Agenda announced by President Kenyatta and the Nairobi Declaration on Building Resilience on Food Security and Nutrition through Open...Read more
Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) is delighted to announce that Executive Director, André Laperrière, has been invited to become a member of the Strategic Innovation Board (SIB) of the Horizon 2020 EU Project in Brussels, Belgium. GODAN,...Read more
5 Ways Agriculture Could Use Open Data to Change the World Agriculture is intrinsically connected to many of the world’s most pressing social issues, from climate change and low-income food stamp programs, to poverty and sustainability more broadly. According to the Harvard Business Review , one tool above others can...Open
Dear partners, colleagues and friends, 2018 has been a challenging year worldwide, on just about every front possible: from social to political, technical to scientific, but especially in the fields of agriculture and nutrition. At this year end - or...Read more