10 Questions for More Sustainable Food Systems

A new campaign to identify the most important questions that need to be asked and answered to solve urgent modern-day challenges, including how to make food systems more sustainable, was launched earlier this year. The NYU Tandon School of Engineering, in partnership with the Center for European Policy Studies, the Barilla Foundation and a panel of international experts aim to engage the wisdom of the crowd to drive innovative solutions through The 100 Questions Initiative.

Modern, unsustainable farming practices are damaging both the global environment and the health of people worldwide; while climate change is impacting our food systems, and the global population continues to rapidly increase. The challenge has been divided into 7 domains (see below).

Data is integral to the Initiative, as it is crucial to understanding where vulnerabilities exist within current food systems and what methods are needed to rectify them. As such, Chief Scientist, Suchith Anand, has been invited to represent GODAN on the panel of international experts tasked with identifying the 10 most pressing questions surrounding Food Systems Sustainability.

The panel will map the most urgent and impactful questions that data and data science can help answer in their respective domains. Once identified, the public will then be asked to vote on which of these questions should be prioritised and solved. Solving these challenges will require an innovative, data-driven approach.

Find out more about the initiative here: https://the100questions.org/about.html