2nd Chania Declaration released after Open Harvest 2017

GODAN partner Agroknow has released the 2nd Chania Declaration: A Call to Action! during the recent Open Harvest event in Chania, Greece in May. The event follows the success of the first Open Harvest event in 2016

During a three-day workshop, participants discussed how research and innovation in the agri-food chain can be supported by data and technology. A collaborative environment for knowledge sharing was spearheaded by Nikos Manouselis and his team at Agroknow.

The event was was a great opportunity for GODAN to better define some work for the GODAN Data Ecosystem Working Group and how we can support the e-ROSA project, which is producing a roadmap for e-infrastructures for agricultural sciences.

According to the e-Rosa partnership, "partners all agreed on the need for capacity-building and shared guidance and methods in the field of data management and FAIRification. They highlighted the need to rely on semantic resources and business models for sustainable openness as part of the “commons” of the community in order to envision the future of our e-infrastructure ecosystem."

For further information on the event, read Paul Stacey's blog post on his experience attending the event.