Accelerating Innovation in Agriculture Using Open Data


Dr Suchith Anand, Scientific Lead at GODAN, was invited to make a presentation on Accelerating Innovation in Agriculture Using Open Data as part of the NJF Conference on Horticulture in Tartu, Estonia on June 12.

Unfortunately unable to be there in person, Dr. Anand recorded the presentation, meaning we are able to share it with you. In this presentaation, he draws on experience and success stories from GODAN Partners to outline how open data is pushing boundaries and accelerating agricultural innovation to the benefit of smallholder farmers.

Dr Anand uses, as an example, a story taken from the award winning GODAN Open Documentary series, which you can view here on our Website.



the NJF (Nordic Association of Agricultural Science) was founded in 1918 to promote scientific cooperation in Scandinavia.They are committed to the exchange of knowledge in agriculture accross Nordic-Baltic countries.

The 2019 Conference on Horticulture provided an opportunity to present ongoing research and collaborations within a wide range of topics.