Agri-Analytics Days


GODAN Executive Director, Andre Laperriere, is in Benguerir, Morocco for the Agri Analytics Days from 23-25 April, 2019. M Laperriere will be discussing Big Data, AI and precision agriculture for food production (farming, livestock, fishing...) with experts, industry leaders and representatives from farming associations worldwide. He will also make a presentation on the potential of harnessing the African Regional Data Cube for advancements in agriculture and nutritional outcomes.

The forum will be attended by more than 150 representatives in farming from across the globe. Over 500 participants and experts are expected to be involved in the event over the three days.



Agri Analytics Days is organised by the OCP Group, a leading producer of phosphate and fertiliser, who are building on nearly 100 years of agricultural and industrial knowledge and expertise, helping drive sustainable solutions to feed a growing world population.

Both the OCP Group and the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, who are co-hosting the event, are aware of the importance of Agri Analytics and Big data in driving change and promoting sustainable agriculture.

Big Data is one of the major building blocks for effective decision making for farmers, policymakers, companies involved in agri-business and agro-inputs, banks, insurance companies, and service providers. The Forum provides a platform that aims at exploring Big Data to provide new efficient decision making tools to support agricultural sustainable development. New acquired, aggregated and shared data is a breeding ground for extracting and sharing useful information and knowledge among different actors involved in agriculture and technology domains to provide actionable on-farm decisions.

The forums offer a framework to bring together communities interested in developing sustainable agriculture worldwide. They aim to explore Big Data Perspectives and Implementation Challenges in the domain of agriculture.