APAN plans workshop with GODAN on open data and interoperability

The  Agricultural Working Group of the Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN) and GODAN are planning a session on "Open data and Interoperability" for the next APAN meeting in August of this year.  Planning for this event was begun by the Agricultural Working Group during the 43. APAN meeting, which is taking place this week in Delhi.  The discussions clearly evidenced interoperability as a key issue for making open data useful.

The APAN meeting was initiated by a plenary session on  February 13, where representatives of the Indian government explained India's goal to take the lead in the digital revolution. India has introduced a national system of electronic identity, to which already 1.1. billion citizens have already subscribed. Digital India is the governance programe, which emphasizes the importance for remote areas.

The chairman of Microsoft India spoke of a 4th Industrial revolution. Networks, connectivity and cloud data centers will be the core of this digital revolution, in which India will take the lead in developing from a data port to a data rich country.

The APAN meeting continues this week with working groups , ie. on risk mitigation and digital health systems

At the closing plenary on Friday, Johannes Keizer will speak for the GODAN Secretariat on the importance of open data and radical transparency in a world of changing research pardigms.

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GODAN area: Food security, Sustainable production
Keywords: Government data, Linked data, Open data, Private sector data, Public/private