Call for papers: Open Data Research Symposium on Agriculture and Nutrition

GODAN Summit 2016 is the first global conference that discusses the role of open data for agriculture and nutrition; the role of open data in addressing long-standing issues.

At the GODAN Summit academics, researchers and open data practitioners will have the opportunity to discuss their latest findings. Topics to address in our research symposium should cover open data releases, interoperability and creating impact.

The GODAN community is calling for research contributions on all aspects of open data activity in the sector covering but not limited to:

  • Release (release of open data sets in particular fields e.g. water, soil, meteorology, market, nutritional content of food, etc.)
  • Interoperability (standards, vocabularies, semantics, etc.)
  • Governance (discussions of privacy, security, ownership, etc.)
  • Impact (application of open data with a demonstrable impact or methods to track impact)
  • Policy tools (informing policy makers and other policy actors, monitoring tools, etc.)

We still have room in our programme to discuss a range of important topics and present research papers. If you have suggestion for a topic that you would like to discuss please fill in this form or contact us by e-mail through If you want to present your research please submit your abstract.

Note for abstract submissions: We expect 2 page abstracts (500-750 words including title and references) and a maximum of 1 figure.

Deadline for abstract submissions is August 20