Data Ethics ThinkTank

The aim of the Data Ethics ThinkTank, held on 14 October 2020, was to explore ideas for supporting EthicalGEO and the Benchmark Initiative to develop the Locus Charter: An international charter on the ethical use of location data.  The summary slides from the Data Ethics ThinkTank are available here:


We would like to thank all our colleagues for their contributions to the event, notably EthicalGeo and the Benchmark Initiative.

As part of our continuing work on Data Ethics, GODAN will be hosting a Data Ethics Workshop on 11 December 2020, focusing primarily on our Agricultural Data Codes of Conduct Toolkit on 11th December 2020. The main purpose of this Workshop is to explore ways to promote and encourage take-up of the Toolkit, developed in partnership with the CTA and GFAR. We hope that by doing so we can help raise awareness of the benefits, risks and challenges of data sharing in digital agriculture, and the need for a more responsible and equitable data flow between the various stakeholders.

Please REGISTER HERE for the Workshop and join the discussion on Data Ethics as we take forward our work.


Additional information and background

Blogpost on digital feudalism:

The Code of Conduct Toolkit:

GODAN Data Rights and Responsible Data Working Group: