Full house at the GODAN/APAN workshop on data interoperability

Written by: Johannes Keizer, GODAN Partnerships Lead

It might sound difficult to get an audience when you have the first slot in the morning before an opening plenary, but the house was full on 29 August and chairs had to be searched for in preparation for the session on "Data Interoperability" at the 44th Asia-Pacific Advanced Network Meeting (APAN44) in Dalian, China.  

This session was jointly organized by APAN (an agricultural data working group) and the GODAN Secretariat.

In the first contribution, Dr. Yoshida made a review of the efforts in Japan to create a Linked Open Data Ecosystem in Japanese Agricultural Research.  In the second speech, Prof. Zhang from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science showed how they made the  Chinese Agricultural Science Abstract Base interoperable with AGRIS.  The GODAN Secretariat spoke about shared vocabularies, especially about GACS and Agroportal.  In  the last contribution Dr. Akane Takezaki from NAFRO, Japan showed the development of vocabularies for the description of crops and agricultural activities.

From the audience it was concluded that all this work on interoperability is a great effort that could be avoided by global standardizaton as in the case of TCP/IP or HTTP protocol. In the discussion it was emphasized that so many "standards" exist because they cater for different business processes and cannot be changed to some "global standard".  Work on interoperability is a technical necessity,

An urgent need is the integration of the Japanese and Chinese work into the Agrisemantics framework and the GACS working group.

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Keywords: Linked data