The GODAN Action Data Publication Online Helpdesk is now available

GODAN Action Partners, namely Agroknow, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and Open Data Institute (ODI), have announced the Data Publication Online Helpdesk.

The aim of this Question & Answer (Q&A) service is to provide support to data publishers and consumers on the use of existing standards for the exchange of data on agriculture and nutrition. Data publishers and consumers can post questions about existing standards, asking their colleagues and the online community of nearly 2700 active members from around the world on the AIMS (Agricultural Information Management Standards) portal.

At the centre of the helpdesk are the needs of end-users, which were identified in previous GODAN Action work on identifying gaps in data standards and recommendations for solutions.

The helpdesk also interplays with the online map of agri-food data standards by feeding into the question and answer helpdesk, as the idea is that each question will be linked to a particular data standard listed in the online map of standards. (For more information on the map of agri-food data standards, the full accompanying report is available on F1000.)

If you are a data publisher or consumer with a question about standards, you can now access the Data Publication Online Helpdesk and ask your question to the community!   

Teaser photo credit: Commissioners of Inquiry on Syria Brief Press​ | United Nations Photo/Evan Schneider | Flickr