GODAN Action announces training mini-grant winners

GODAN Action is delighted to announce the winners of the 2018 GODAN Action Training Mini-Grants.

The purpose of the call was to invite dynamic trainers with demonstrable experience, to collaborate with the project in building the capacity and diversity of open data users and intermediaries, thereby leading to increased understanding and the more effective use of open data in tackling key agriculture and nutrition challenges. The grants will sponsor winning applicants with 2,300 Euros.

After receiving 71 applications, eight winning proposals were selected. We are excited to see the outcomes of the open data workshops – which will have a focus on weather data, nutrition data and land data.

“There is no way we can achieve sustainable development if institutions do not share data for evidence-based decisions. I will use this grant to put  together weather, land- related institutions and data users to understand the relevance of data sharing and to initiate the framework of cooperation.” - Philippe Kwitonda, Director, Land and Water Interventions Company (LAWICO), Rwanda

“Capacity building for data providers provide prospects to determine previously unconceivable insights and exceedingly useful unknown values in data. The workshop will improve research data democratization for agricultural research organizations in Kenya. Creates opportunities for data-driven insights to inform policies particularly on improving smallholder farmers’ livelihood under current and future data scenarios.” - Boniface Akuku, ICT Director, Kenya Agricultural & Livestock Research Organization (KALRO), Kenya

“During my participation in the GODAN online course I realised gaps in how the Department of Research and Specialist Services in Zimbabwe handles data, especially weather data in relation to research work. As a Knowledge Management Officer I benefited from the way the course was run in an interactive and participatory manner to the extent that I felt the need to share the experiences with colleagues in my department. This could be fulfilled by running awareness workshops on open data management. The call for GODAN mini grants was a blessing in disguise.” - Dorah Mwenye, DR&SS, Ministry of Agriculture Lands and Rural Resettlement, Zimbabwe

“I applied for this grant after taking part in the Online training on Open Data by GODAN from April to May 2018. It was such a rewarding training that I felt the need for mainstream journalists to be trained too on open data but specifically on Nutrition; in order to help them report better. It will be a great opportunity for Tune Communications to contribute to the development agenda of Uganda through proper use of, and understanding how open data affects/influences policy.”  - Maureen Agena, Tune Communications, Uganda

“ZeipNET will provide a tailored training programme for participants to strengthen their capacity to effectively search and critically evaluate open data to inform their decisions, research and programme interventions to promote sustainable agriculture and nutrition.” – Ronald Manatsi, Executive Director, Zimbabwe Evidence-Informed Policy Network, Zimbabwe

“It was during my participation in Mukono District Local Government Budget Conference that I followed a presentation from the District Planner who highlighted on a need to carry out baseline surveys on Nutrition and Family planning but unfortunately there was no budget allocations for such an item.  Lack of Open Data on Agriculture and Nutrition at Local Government level is hindering proper planning and this is the very reason which prompted me to apply for this grant to help us sensitize the policy makers and Civil Society Organizations about the need to invest in Agriculture and Nutrition Open Data.” - Robert Kibaya, Executive Director/ Founder Kikandwa Rural Communities Development Organization – KIRUCODO, Uganda

“While African countries prepare for increased urban population, good land governance is not an option. The massive availability of open data opens the window of huge opportunity for well-informed policy and decision-making processes. The mini-grant award shall help to speed up the sharing of the good news to those people in-charge of governance of the critical land resources in the capital city of Tanzania.” – Hector Mongi, Lecturer, University of Dodoma, Tanzania

“The GODAN Action Training Mini-Grant will support YITEDEV-Uganda in advocating for the openness and the use of key weather, nutrition and land data in the agriculture, providing viable data driven solutions and introducing open and FAIR data concepts to farmers' organizations representatives, SMEs that work as intermediaries providing data services to farmers and extension workers among others involved in the data value chain.” – Stephen Kalyesubula, Director, Youths in Technology and Development Uganda (YITEDEV-Ug), Uganda

Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to the panel of assessors for their work and feedback on the submissions.

Photo credit: Revising data using the tablet | Manon Koningstein/CIAT | Flickr