GODAN Action Launches New Geospatial Service

GODAN Action partners Agroknow are pleased to announce the release of a geospatial service, which aims to facilitate data publishers and/or researchers in publishing data about locations using standard geospatial identifiers and formats.

The service allows tabular data provided as CSV files to be validated, automatically enriched with data from standard reference datasets and converted into standard formats that can be easily imported into a variety of online mapping and GIS tools. It will form part of a GODAN Action project for pilot interventions aiming to enrich datasets with geospatial information for the two thematic topics of the project, namely, land data and Global Nutrition Report data.        

Significantly, the use of such services can help address important challenges as reported in 2018 Global Nutrition Report. One of the key recommended actions of the report was to prioritise and invest in data and the capacity to use it. More specifically, using disaggregated data (by geography, socioeconomic status and gender) and increased use of geospatial and disaggregated subnational data, can help better understand where the burden of malnutrition lies, how it has changed, why it exists and what this means for reaching nutrition targets.  

This geospatial service forms part of GODAN Action’s work on data standards, focusing on enabling producers and users of agri-food data to work more effectively by helping them to adopt more coherent and comparable standards.

The GODAN Action Geospatial Service is now available for you to use at: http://era.agroknow.com/godanaction

Photo credit: UN Photo/JC McIlwaine