GODAN Action represented at International Data Week in Botswana

GODAN Action is pleased to be taking part in the upcoming International Data Week Research Data Alliance Plenary Meeting and SciDataCon.

The 12th RDA Plenary Meeting and SciDataCon are taking place in Gaborone, Botswana, from November 5-8.

On November 5, GODAN Action are co-organising a one-day meeting dedicated to the theme “How agriculture in Africa can benefit from data collection” as part of the Interest Group in Agricultural Data (IGAD) pre-plenary meetings.

During the meeting, participants will explore data collection practices in Africa and challenges associated with it. They will also discuss possible benefits of data collection for farmers and share straightforward and low cost data collection methods.

On November 6, GODAN Action will host a training workshop on “Open Data in Agriculture and Nutrition”.  It will provide an overview of open data in agriculture and nutrition and help participants to make better use of, or share, open data. The workshop will provide users with the knowledge and specific skills they need to understand and use open data effectively and responsibly, and to participate fully in the agricultural open data community. This workshop is part of the project’s wider programme on capacity development, which also includes e-learning courses and the Open Data Management in Agriculture and Nutrition curriculum.

During SciDataCon, which is held from November 7-8, the GODAN Action project will present during the session on ‘Open data, open science in agriculture and nutrition: a case for developing countries’. GODAN Action’s paper will focus on ‘Approaches to closing the divide between open data and the potential users’. The session will take place in the Tsodilo A room from 11h30-13h00 on Wednesday, November 7.

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Photo credit: Neil Palmer/CIAT