GODAN Data Ethics Workshop

GODAN conducted a virtual Workshop on the 11 December, 2020, to offer an opportunity to find out more about the Agricultural Data Codes of Conduct Toolkit (https://www.godan.info/codes) and GODAN's work on Data Ethics. The Toolkit provides a guide to data management best practice for any individuals or organisations (farmers, agri-businesses, associations, regional or national governments…) who collect, manage or share agricultural data. 

We welcomed over 300 participants during the course of the 90 minute Workshop. Interested parties who missed the opportunity to attend the live event, can now catch up on the Workshop on YouTube, and can join the data ethics discussion via GODAN’s Data Rights Working Group:



Developed in partnership with the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) and The Global Forum on Agricultural Research and Innovation (GFAR), the innovative Toolkit proveides a guide on best practices in data management. Aiming to help raise awareness of the benefits, risks and challenges of data sharing in digital agriculture, and the need for a more responsible and equitable data flow between the various stakeholders.

The Workshop, hosted by GODAN’s Data Rights Expert Foteini Zampati and Head of Communications Kathryn Bailey, gave participants the chance to gain a greater understanding of the Toolkit, including background into how and why the tool was created, and how to use it to create a personalised, customisable code of conduct. Attendees were also encouraged to contribute and collaborate input into GODAN, the CTA and GFAR’s work on Data Ethics, as we take it forward. Participant feedback will be used to further develop the Toolkit, helping improve and maximise its potential within the field of agriculture.

The event featured a current use case example from GODAN partner organisation Yitedev: A youth-focused, community-based Ugandan organisation, involved in open data innovation, training and capacity development. Expert speakers included Chris Addison, Senior Project Coordinator at the CTA, and Consultant at Communiq.org and Information Management Specialist Valeria Pesce, from United Nations Food Agriculture Organization and GFAR. They shared their expertise and insight into the industry and how agriculture can benefit from sharing data in today’s digitally connected world.

The main purpose of the Workshop was to explore ways to promote and encourage take-up of the Codes of Conduct Toolkit, with the aim of reaching a broader audience within the agricultural sector across the world. The focus will be predominantly on smallholder famers in developing countries, helping underline the importance of harnessing the growing volume of data generated by new technologies to solve long-standing food security and nutrition problems, benefitting farmers and the health of consumers, as well as highlighting the importance of data ethics and standards in an increasingly digitised sector.


INTRODUCTION: Data ethics in agriculture - 10 minutes
Foteini Zampati, Data Rights Expert, GODAN.

BACKGROUND: The creation and development of the GODAN/CTA/CFAR Agricultural Data Codes of Conduct Toolkit – 15 minutes
Foteini Zampati, Data Rights Expert, GODAN.
Chris Addison, Consultant, Communiq.org.
Valeria Pesce, Information Management Specialist, UN FAO.

Demonstration of the online Toolkit – 10 minutes
Kathryn Bailey, Head of Communications, GODAN.
Foteini Zampati, Data Rights Expert, GODAN.

Discussion Session – 30 minutes
Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the features of the Toolkit and share ideas for improvement based on their own unique perspectives and backgrounds (e.g. farmers, farmers associations, Academia, private sector, governments representatives).  

Next steps and how to contribute - 20 minutes
Summary and follow-up actions.



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