Godan at SWAT4HCLS: Global Vision for Reusability of Open Data

GODAN was at the 11th International Conference on Semantic Web Applications and Tools for Health Care and Life Sciences (SWAT4HCLS) held this week in Antwerp, Belgium.

GODAN sponsored the Spotlight on Semantic Technologies for the Reuse of Agri Open Data, where experts in Agrisemantics were invited to discuss Open Data integration and interoperability. The panelists discussed value chains and ROI for agrisemantic technologies in the agriculture, food and nutrition sectors. The panel of Christopher Brewster (TNO), Thomas Baker (Plain Semantics), Derek Scuffell (Syngenta) and Matthew Lange (UC Davis) was moderated by Medha Devare (IFPRI) and opened by GODAN Executive Director André Laperrière, who presented the global vision for reusability of Open Data.  

"The SWAT4HCLS community is rich in technical expertise and thought leaders in semantic technologies. They have a decade of experience in solving complex data challenges. We need to find ways to rapidly integrate data from distributed silos in order to deliver added value to as many stakeholders in the Agribusiness ecosystem as possible. We can save ourselves considerable time by supporting a cross pollination between interoperability experts and agricultural data providers." said Mr Laperrière.

Prof. Chris Baker (UNB/IPSNP), Scientific Chair of SWAT4HCLS 2018, organised the Spotlight session said, “We already had an excellent Keynote speaker Medha Devara (IFPRI) lined up to speak on Spinning a Semantic Web for Agriculture. With the support of GODAN, we added a tutorial on Agricultural semantics: challenges, opportunities and the AgroFIMS fieldbook by Marie-Angélique Laporte (Bioversity-France) and the expert panel on Reuse of Agri Open Data. We were thrilled with this line up and it was a terrific success today”.

Dr. Andrea Splendiani, General Chair of the SWAT4HCLS Conference series said "Our goal is to make data useful for a purpose and we are happy to contribute to the GODAN mission. Semantic technologies play a crucial role in addressing the global challenge of feeding a growing population under conditions of climate change. We were very pleased to showcase the current state of the art in Agrisemantics.”


You can view Andre Laperriere's introductory speech here, and the full panel session here.

For more information on the event itself, please visit:  http://www.swat4hcls.org/