GODAN welcomes 800th partner Incotec and participates in company’s 50th anniversary event

GODAN is pleased to welcome Incotec to its partnership network. Incotec is a seed enhancement specialist based in the Netherlands. Their aim is to enhance the quality of seeds, improve yields and climate resilience to promote sustainable agriculture and food security for all. Based in the Netherlands, the company develops and markets products and technologies for a wide range of vegetable and field crops all over the world.

GODAN participated in the Incotec 50th anniversary company day on 25th September 2018 where we discussed open data for agriculture and nutrition. Many organisations from the private sector, all working on seed improvement (from various approaches) gathered to celebrate Incotec, share experiences and ideas of how the industry can expand its role and impact.

'The GODAN network now has more than 800 member organisations from more than 105 countries; all working to improve the quality and availability of food worldwide today and for the future. The world’s population is projected to grow to 9.8billion by 2050, and will rely on the same resources we have today.  Seed improvement programmes such as the ones discussed at the Incotec event, and the open data space in this sector add an important element to the agriculture and nutrition overall improvement data ecosystem.  We welcome this industry and its members as part of the global quest for nutrition security and better quality of life for all.' Andre Laperriere, Executive Director, GODAN.