Impressive Results Prove GODAN’s Value

A study completed in 2020 has confirmed the value of GODAN’s contribution to increasing living standards for smallholder farmers in developing countries. The evidence generated through data collected from more than 400 GODAN partners delivered impressive results, despite the detrimental effects of the global pandemic. The feedback shows that GODAN’s programmes contributed to a reported increase in yield, up by an impressive 43 percent on last year, across seven countries in Africa.

GODAN’s successful transition from advocacy to action reveals the effectiveness of its network of experts and ability to link policy to practical outcomes for farming communities in developing countries.

The report, presented to Britain’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, also indicates GODAN’s initiatives delivered a positive impact on key food security indicators, such as improved nutrition for farming families and helping to increase daily meals from two to three per day. The survey reveals that smallholder farmers reported food security increased by 35 percent thanks to greater access and use of open data.

See here the end of programme report for GODANs contribution to the UK DfID eDial project:

GODAN continues to drive innovations and support to partners to accelerate the introduction of new technologies and systems that positively help farmers and the food supply chain. The objective of these efforts is to achieve the UN Sustainability Development Goal 2: to end world hunger.