Join the Donor Open Data Dialogue!

GODAN recently released a landmark new report on Donor Open Data Policy and Practice at the Committee for Food Security (CFS44).

This report, commissioned by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), USAID, and DFID critically analysed their donor open data policies and provided recommendations to improve policy based on feedback of implementing partners and researchers in agriculture programmes.

A multi-faceted review of policy and practice identified several opportunities where donors of agriculture research programmes can align policy and practice. We call on donors to:

  1. Join a global funder dialogue with other donors, researchers, and research institutions

  2. Support and adopt common policy principles

  3. Share approaches towards dealing with ethical considerations

  4. Promote good open data practice among those receiving funding by regularly monitoring compliance and articulating clear expectations regarding budget allocations to ensure open data

  5. Increase engagement and introduce practical projects to promote data reuse and innovation

  6. Collect data use stories to demonstrate value and impacts of research data

  7. Support the capacity of implementing research partners to improve data availability, accessibility, discoverability and quality

  8. Adopt shared guidelines, tools and templates aimed at reducing the time and cost of policy compliance

  9. Incentivise researchers to publish by rewarding good quality data production

  10. Sustainably resource data publication and management

If you are a donor agency and want to join BMGF, USAID, and DFID in a donor open data dialogue to accelerate open data adoption and impact through more joined up approaches, please contact us by December 31, 2017. The intention is to build a set of common donor commitments to be launched in 2018 based on dialogue, collaboration and harmonisation of approach.

See draft here: 

Donors to Accelerate Open Data Adoption and Impact.pdf

We would also like to invite others to respond to the recommendations for donors and their open data policies here. Stay turned for templates that will allow you to do your own assessment of your funder’s open data policies; how do they measure up? How can you encourage them to join the conversation?