Join the GODAN Action Trainers Network

In the framework of the GODAN Action project, aiming to enable data users, producers and intermediaries to engage effectively with open data and maximise its potential for impact in the agriculture and nutrition sectors, the project team has launched a GODAN Action Trainers Network.

We invite dynamic trainers who can collaborate to build the capacity and diversity of open data users and intermediaries, leading to increased understanding and the more effective use of open data in tackling key agriculture and nutrition challenges. In addition to general open data capacity building, the project has the following themes:

  • Weather data (2017)
  • Land data (2018)
  • Global Nutrition Report data (2018)

The objective of the Trainers’ Network is to provide an opportunity for members to:

  1. Access and make use of a dedicated and exclusive online discussion list for engagement (DGroups)
  2. Identify opportunities for training;
  3. Support replication of the curriculum through the institutions they are affiliated to;
  4. Gain opportunities to franchise GODAN Action training materials for their own training activities;
  5. Coordinate actions to further develop their skills;
  6. Receive support from the project partners for training interventions (guidance, financial where possible);
  7. Share experiences in and tips for the delivery of open data for agriculture and nutrition capacity building workshops.

Criteria for joining the network:

  1. Relevant work experience in any of the following: agriculture/nutrition; open data; data science; data management; ICT4D; information science or statistics.
  2. Demonstrable experience as a trainer/educator.
  3. Willingness to franchise GODAN Action training material for training activities targeting:

    • Information intermediaries (ICT professionals, farmers’ organisations, journalists, librarians, extensionists, etc.)
    • Researchers or academics
    • Policy makers

Trainers in the network will receive the opportunity to interact with a dynamic group of global partners, conduct training activities with access to a library of training material, access to the trainers’ online discussion list for engagement with fellow trainers as well as periodic webinars to continually build their capacity.

If you would like to participate in this initiative, express your interest by completing the application form!

GODAN Action is a 3.5 year project supported by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), led by Wageningen Environmental Research with international partners AgroKnowCTALand PortalODI, FAO, IDS and AidData

The GODAN Action project is funded by UKaid