Joint Agreement with Digital Africa: Fostering innovation in Africa


GODAN signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Digital Africa on Monday February 24, 2020 in Paris, France.

The agreement will see the two organisations work more closely together to strengthen the useability, availability and sharing of open data in Africa, in efforts to improve food and nutrition security accross the continent.

Digital Africa focuses on fostering and strengthening African innovation. The initiative was launched by French President Macron to support digital technology entrepreneurs in the development of innovations that impact the African continent. Digital Africa seeks to recognise and understand the common goals and challenges facing entrepreneurs and startups in the region, providing appropriate support and increasing impact. Suported by the French Development Agency, Digital Africa has more than 60 high-profile partners accross Europe and Africa, spanning a total of 42 countries. Providing opportunities for businesses to emerge in an increasingly competitive sector, the organisation promotes values of inclusiveness and collective intelligence.

The joint MoU will support innovative projects on the African continent through close collaboration between the two parties and their partner organisations. Through sharing of experience and knowledge, GODAN and Digital Africa aim to encourage and support the design of innovative digital solutions to help solve some of the most pressing global issues of our time.