Leveraging the power of webinars to support open data capacity development

Since March 2017, CTA and partners through the GODAN Action project have been delivering monthly webinars as one of the objectives of the GODAN Capacity Development Working Group.

Webinars provide a cost effective means of reaching and engaging large, geographically-spread audiences and also very specific target groups. They give participants the opportunity to ask questions and receive live feedback during the scheduled webinar and the live recordings are then repurposed and re-delivered in the form of video, audio, slides and transcripts - available for anyone to view at a later date. 

CTA has hosted the following webinars:

16 March 2017 “GODAN Working Group on Capacity Development André Laperrière- Executive Director GODAN, Suchith Anand (GODAN) and Isaura Lopes Ramos (CTA)

The first webinar organized by the GODAN Working Group on Capacity Development gave an overview of GODAN, its objectives and how people can get involved. The webinar also provided information on the purpose of the  GODAN Working Group on Capacity Development and explained how to join and get involved in the activities.

20 April 2017 “Publishing open data from an organisational point of view David Tarrant (Open Data Institute)

This webinar focused on the importance of publishing open data, the benefits of open data in research and why licensing is an important aspect of open data publication and how it can be done.

16 May 2017  “The Agriculture Open Data PackageAndre Jellema (GODAN)

The Agriculture Open Data Package (AgPack) provides a roadmap for governments to start publishing open data and suggests six policy areas where open data can support the agricultural sector. The AgPack contains 14 key data categories and 10 examples of open data in action. The speaker highlighted  use cases from India, the Netherlands and Burkina Faso. 

27 June 2017 “Introducing GODAN Action Rob Lokers (Wageningen University & Research)

During the webinar the speakers outlined three GODAN Action focal areas: data standards and best practices (Standards), research for impact evaluation (Research), building capacity of open data users (Capacity Development).

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Supported by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), the GODAN Action project aims to enable effective uses of open data in tackling food security and nutrition challenges. The project will do this by building capacity of potential stakeholders to both understand the potential of open data in these two fields and to engage with it practically. The project is a response to the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) initiative: Open Data Research and Capacity-Building.

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