Open Data Charter’s AgPack launch at OGP Summit

The AgPack team is gearing up for the Open Government Partnership Summit and is excited to present the Open Data Charter’s Agriculture Open Data Package BETA Version this Thursday, December 8th.  For a quick preview of what’s to come, check out our latest publication summarizing what you can expect to find in the Agriculture Open Data Package BETA Version.  

GODAN’s very own Andre Laperriere will be speaking at the panel session ‘Open Data Charter: Empowering people to open governments’ about the work we have done and the next steps for the AgPack. Also keep an eye out for our team members Fiona Smith, Andre Jellema, Ana Brandusescu, Ruthie Musker, and Martin Parr who will be around to discuss the AgPack. You can find them on Twitter: 

You can also drop them a line at

We look forward to speaking with policymakers, agricultural specialists, and open data experts on open data for agriculture. We welcome your feedback on the AgPack over the next few days, and can’t wait to see you all there!

Photo Credit to Neil Palmer (CIAT). Harvesting rice at CIAT's headquarters in Colombia.

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