Open Data Day 2019

Happy Open Data Day from all of us at GODAN!

To celebrate the event, we would like to share our Open Up Guide for Agriculture, created with the assistance of the Open Data Charter. The Open Up Guide provides advice on the key elements of opening agricultural datasets, focusing on three key elements: why openening data in agriculture is important, what data should be opened based on policy perspectives, and what elements should make up a strategy. The guide was created for policymakers and civil society who want to inform decision makers on open data and agriculture, and understand how open data can make a difference for the agricultural sector and food security.

The guide can be used by those who want to start developing an open data strategy for agricultural transformation in their country or region. Details at:   

We also provide case studies and examples from around the world at:

Open Data Day is an annual celebration of open data all over the world. For the ninth time in history, groups from around the world create local events on the day where they will use open data in their communities. It is an opportunity to show the benefits of open data and encourage the adoption of open data policies in government, business and civil society.

You can find more details and a map of events here:


Additional ressources that may be of interest 

Upcoming events and activity around open data:

Interesting Webinars and video on the theme of open data: