Reporting back from the 2017 Africa Open Data Conference

During the recently held 'Africa Open Data Conference', Accra, Ghana (17-21 July 2017), the GODAN Action project team conducted and participated in several events. One of these events was a one-day workshop on 'Open Data in Agriculture and Nutrition', led by the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA).

The workshop set out to build participants understanding of the principles and of open data and it's potential to promote economic and social benefits within the agriculture and nutrition sectors. It also provided a welcome opportunity to test and improve some of the face-to-face training materials that CTA has been developing for the project.

At the same event an alumnus of a previous GODAN Action training workshop, Mr Kiringai Kamau announced and launched the Africa Agriculture Capacity Development Initiaitve (AACDI). The initiative is well aligned to the work GODAN Action is undertaking and will be part of the GODAN Action Trainers network – working to build the capacity and diversity of open data users and intermediaries. The Trainers Network will support the sustainability of the GODAN Action project by providing a platform for longer term action and scaling up of the capacity development activities.

Plans are underway for the network trainers to deliver a training workshop in Nairobi, Kenya later this year.

The GODAN Action Trainers Network is an initiative for dynamic trainers who are collaborating to support the replication of the GODAN Action capacity development activities through the institutions they are affiliated to. For more information on joining this network please contact Chipo Msengezi, Project Coordinator at CTA.

The GODAN Action team also held a panel session titled ‘Open Data policy for Agriculture and Nutrition - Capacity development aspects’ which looked at challenges and opportunities in Africa in the context of agriculture and nutrition open data government policy; and the capacities required by the different stakeholders including government to support open data policies for agriculture and nutrition.

In addition to these activities the project team was invited to give a spotlight talk. Pauline L’Hénaff (Open Data Institute) took the opportunity to present the work done so far on open data standards, impact assessment, as well as on capacity building, concluding by inviting those working with weather data (which is the GODAN Action theme for 2017) to get in touch with the project team.

You can read a full report of the workshop in this report from the GODAN Action resources library and a summary article covering the workshop and the launch of AACDI is also available on the CTA website.