Season's Greetings and a word from the Executive Director

Dear partners, colleagues and friends,

2018 has been a challenging year worldwide, on just about every front possible: from social to political, technical to scientific, but especially in the fields of agriculture and nutrition.

At this year end - or rather, should I say, at the beginning of this New Year - I would like to take the opportunity to greet all our partners and to welcome those that joined our 850-strong partner organisation alliance this year. GODAN partners now represent 110 countries across all continents, united by the common belief that by sharing knowledge, data, and working together, we will not only help the world meet the nutrition security challenges that lie ahead, but will go beyond, helping everyone be better fed, healthier, and reach a higher quality of life.

This year the GODAN partnership has led to numerous exciting new alliances, innovations and initiatives across the world, thanks to your dedication, ingenuity, commitment and desire to work together.

As GODAN moves into its next phase in 2019, we plan to work more closely with you, helping tap increasingly into the incredible wealth of talent that you all represent, to solve your problems, help support your priorities and more simply, accompany you to the next level of success.

On behalf of all the GODAN secretariat team, I wish you all the most enjoyable holidays and a fantastic new year.


André Laperrière
Executive Director
Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition